For Parents – How Therapy Can Help Your Child

I am very passionate about my work with children and adolescents. Many children and adolescents benefit from having a safe place to talk about the thoughts and feelings they experience. In addition, they experience symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression in their own unique way. These symptoms can impact their relationships with parents, siblings, and friends, as well as their academic and athletic performance.

Children and adolescents can make significant gains in therapy, because they will learn coping strategies for feelings of loneliness, sadness, anger, and frustration. Additionally, they will learn at a young age how to relate more effectively to others. As children and adolescents begin to share their feelings and experiences in therapy, they naturally become more open with family members and friends. They begin to connect with others with greater ease and experience more happiness in their relationships.

Naturally, I cannot work with your child or adolescent in isolation. You and I would be working as a team. You know your child best and I would need ongoing feedback from you in order to help your child progress. I believe that successful therapy experiences with children and adolescents include both one-on-one sessions as well as ongoing family meetings. This gives you the opportunity to monitor your child’s progress in therapy and fosters open and honest communication within your family. Throughout our work together, I would remain committed to helping you achieve the goals that you and your child have set forth.

…Christina Doherty, PhD